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Sub-Net Regional Network Access

Access to the ITN network is via VPN to the internet backbone using a simple web browser. Should service need to go offline or fail in a given region, trading continues in all other regions.
The diversity of user needs in a given region are addressed by establising regional sub-nets in cities, states, provinces or regions of countries. Subnets talk to each other through regional coordinating nodes.

Shared Network Overhead

Each regional federation operates independently by sharing network overhead such as user computer resources. 

A regional coordinating node will coordinate network operation and also act as a moderator of user activity.


Regional Trade Groups (Federations)

A member who lives in South Africa can setup a trading group for that region. It might be called the 'FreeTraders Federation of South Africa'. 

A member who intends to start the trading group for a region will run a minimum configuration computer operating as an anchor node for the region. Trustlines will be configured to trade with trusted federations in nearby regions or with other federations across the globe.

Shared Mining Resources

Each FreeTraders Federation has its own ledger account for accured transaction fees and mined coins. Profits accrue to the benefit of each federation member by a participation formula.

A percentage is allocated to charitable activity in the region. Charity selection is voted on by members.


Regional Networks
The network is designed as a series of subnets operating in defined geographical regions. This establishes communities of users who participate in a local shared economy. 

Every member is a star on the interstellar network, so regional groups are like a collection of stars, or a galaxy on the Interstellar Trading Network.  

Trade Category Groups 
Trade groups can also be formed to trade specific goods or services. Examples would be a trade group for realtors, New York sublet market, or regional exporting. A category group may be specified for trade in specified regions.

Setup a new trade group in just a few clicks!
Every new region can be setup with a simple drag and drop interface. Configure a few important settings and your ready to trade.

Project progress

FreeTraders website developers are working to integrate our trading platform into blockchain protocols. Progress reports will update projects status here.
Target Date to go live on ITN is 05.04.2019

Original Platform Redesign Scope


Blockchain Protocol Selection, Specifications


Stack/Platform,  Application Technology Identification

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