Open Ideas Exchange 

Open Ideas Exchange is an open exchange of ideas, a shared-knowledge economy built as a decentralized intelligence network on ITN. 

Any bit of knowledge can be offered for value on the exchange. It may be as simple as a food recipe, to as complex as a technological process. Not all human personal knowledge, experience or known information can be "Googled". In the new sharing economy, users will share their ideas and share in their monetization.

You can publish your idea and price it as a micro transaction using our freedom coin. Your shared knowledge is published over the decentralized network where users can vote its value by offering freedom coins. Users with first-hand knowledge can vouch for the idea to give it relevance or truthfulness. (Pay ten coins to give your two cents worth). If your ideas are good, you'll generate value, mining crypto with your mind.

Have a pressing question or problem you need solved?
Post it on the exchange offering coin for the best answer or solution, A question might be as simple as: "I'm in town for the day and have until 6Pm to solve: where's the best place to eat?" A simple smart contract is written to pay every recommendation 1 coin. Users who sumbitted the answer that gets the most recommendations by 6PM receive 10 coins. A limit is set for the maximum answers accepted. Voila, a contract with terms offering solutions to the offeror, and guaranteed payment to the offerees.

Knowledge truly has a wide-range of applications including product or service reviews, recommentations or referrals. Every review offered has value to others considering purchases. Freedom coins monetize ideas and enable  shared-knowledge to flow freely between users by providing incentives for participation.

Categories of information will become organized over time. Product and service reviews is one main category. Restaurants, movies, city spotlights, tourist hotspots destinations,,, all sub-categories. Technology would be another major category with software or hardware ideas as sub-categories broken futher into sub-categories for software coding ideas, code modules, algorithms and flowcharts exchanges. Every category becomes easily searchable to find prior information in the knowledge-base.

As the network builds its user base and participation grows, the knowledge-base expands to an ever-growing centralized store of knowledge. It becomes an innovative AI source of information rivalying ALEXA.

Basic human rights such as freedom of expression and privacy must be part of the solution(s). Otherwise, they’re not good solutions. It’s not information that wants to be free – it’s us. -Akasha

"The world is a better place when we have an open exchange of ideas" - Dan Rather

Get Paid to Share What You  Know

FreeTraders Open Idea Exchange gives you the freedom to trade any information asset globally.

Pose a problem or question and get an answer from users who know.  Your knowledge has value to others. Get paid for your ideas from others who want to know.

Mobile Friendly 'Info On the GO'

All services are mobile-friendly. You can trade privately and securely with your mobile devices to access information on the go.

Find out what others recommend or know about....

Monetize It

Knowledge is power.
Monetize Your Knowledge.
What you know has value.
Realize value by offering your ideas in exchange for
freedom coins.

The more you participate, the more you learn and the more you earn!